Mentoring and funding traders
• Join a team of elite 6, 7 and 8 figure traders
• Learn high probability setups
• Level up your mindset
We understand that the trading journey can be extremely challenging. This is why we are focused on providing you with mentorship from the start of your career all the way to managing millions of dollars.
Multiple Weekly live coaching sessions
Strategy creation workshops
Mindset coaching
24/7 support with trading
For consistent traders, we will pay for your funded prop accounts and scale your trading to 7 figures allowing you to reach your goals faster.
Let us know who you are and how you trade! Track record, Passed challenges, Equity curves, we want to see it!
If your trading looks consistent, we'll contact you for an interview to get to know you more!
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We'll provide you with a prop funded account to start trading with!
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About 369c
Founded by Chong Shi
•   Trading full time for 13 years
•   Made 8 figures from trading
•   Mentoring traders since 2015
Connect with Chong
Trading Firm
369c is a trading firm that mentor and fund the most talented and committed traders around the world to fast track their journey to become 7 figure traders.
Trading Community
We have a thriving community of like minded traders in our free Discord server that are on the journey of becoming better traders, better people and living meaningful lives.
For someone who is new to trading this has been the best community I could have joined. Very knowledgeable and caring. Willing to answer any questions and be there to support as needed.
Premium member
Awesome community. Great info and access to seasoned, profitable traders who actually want to help you. Has upped my game.
Premium member
The wealth of knowledge, guidance, and personalized mentorship offered here has propelled my understanding of the markets to new heights. From insightful market analysis and risk management strategies to fostering a supportive community of like-minded traders, this group cultivates an environment where both beginners and experienced traders can thrive. If you're a new trader seeking a nurturing community that accelerates growth and fosters success, look no further - this trading group is the gateway to achieving your trading aspirations.
Davi Pinheiro
Premium member
I have had the pleasure and opportunity to learn from Chong for some time now. His knowledge and expert understanding of the financial markets always amazes me, this comes from many years of consistent hard work and dedication to his craft, which has allowed him to live a life some can only dream of. Chong will share his knowledge and experience with someone on there day 1 or day 10,000, assuming you put in the work too.
Premium member
Thanks to Chong's guidance, my trading performance has shown remarkable improvement. With each session, I've gained a deeper understanding of the market, refined my trading strategies, and developed a more disciplined approach to risk management.
Premium member
I have gained so much maturity in such a short time getting mentored by Chong Shi and being part of World of Charts by getting the premium membership. In just a month, i have gained a better mindset, better understanding on how consistently profitable traders trade and the steps on how to be like them in a followable way.
Mr. Patience
Premium member
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